Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ron Paul Next Steps

With Santorum having dropped out, many are concluding that Romney has virtually won the nomination. Ron Paul, however, is not dropping out and will continue to try to push his delegate strategy. However, in my opinion, with the vacuum of good news about the primary, I'd like to see Paul do something bold to get the attention of people and let them know that not only is this thing not over, but he is a viable (and better) alternative to Romney.

One idea that I think could have a significant impact would be for him to release a few very topical speeches. These don't have to be in public (though they could be), but if he wants, he could do so from his office ala Tom Woods style. But I'd like to see him give written/prepared speeches, not just off the cuff talking, about the following topics:

Foreign Policy/National Security
For too long I believe Republicans have misunderstood Ron Paul's foreign policy/national security positions. This speech is well overdue, but I would like him to give a good 30-45 min speech where he lays out:
  1. the history of various US entanglements in the middle east (1953 Iran -> 1979 hostages; Reagan placing troops in Lebanon -> Beirut barracks bombing; funding/supplying Iraq against Iran -> Iraq invasion of Kuwait/Saddam using chemical weapons against Kurds; funding/supplying Afghanistan mujahideen against USSR -> bin Laden/al Qaeda; standing military troops in Saudi Arabia and troops, sanctions, and occupation in Iraq after first gulf war -> bin Laden's fatwah/9-11) and how they CREATED much of the terrorist threat we now face. Referencing quotes from bin Laden and other terrorists to reinforce that it was about our presence and interventions.
  2. the research of Dr. Robert Pape about the demographics and rationale for suicide terrorism.
  3. the fiscal situation and how we simply cannot, regardless of how it may make many feel safer, continue to police the world and intervene in every dangerous situation.
  4. the Constitutional approach and how he would execute a war should it somehow happen.
  5. how important Dr. Paul views the safety of the country and state, clearly, how he would handle enemies and protect the country from threats and attacks that may arise.
  6. how Ron Paul has the overwhelming support of the military, despite his clearly stated views that many Republicans seem to think are anti-military.

Ron Paul better candidate than Romney to oust Obama
The conventional wisdom is that Romney is the best to take on Obama and that Ron Paul simply "cannot win". However, I believe that Ron Paul should challenge that notion with a speech where he talks about various polls that show that he has enormous support from independents and the young. Show how the desire for the true liberty he espouses exists across the political spectrum and how he gets thousands to show up for his speeches from, for example, both in UC Berkeley as well as at Texas A&M. Show that he actually matches up head-to-head against Obama very well - and actually steals many of Obama's disillusioned voters (though that would not support Romney). Show that Romney struggles against Obama when you consider 3rd party candidates (like the Libertarian Party) that would likely support Ron Paul. Show how Ron Paul has the overwhelming support of our military.
Demonstrating that Ron Paul is not only viable, but actually the best option against Obama would be significant.

Philosophy vs Practicality
This speech could come later, perhaps after the convention. I believe that Ron Paul creates a lot of confusion for himself because he's one of the few politicians with philosophical principles behind his policy views and is willing to voice them. So people get confused between his policy recommendations and his philosophical stances. So I think it would be helpful for him to give a speech where he clarifies, for example, that while he is philosophically opposed to the existence of the Federal Reserve, he wouldn't just end it overnight. Instead he would simply advocate to legalize competition in currency. Similarly with other situations he may have philosophical views against LOTS of federal interventions, but he's not going to push to simply end them overnight. 
For those fearing that he would let corporations simply do whatever they want because he wants to reduce a lot of the regulations, clarify that the FIRST thing to do is to let these corporations know that there will be no more bailouts, no more govt assistance, no more subsidies, no more protectionism, no more tax loopholes. Corporations aren't going to simply get a free ride under a Paul presidency, but in fact, be sink or swim on their own. Once they realize they must deal with risk without govt to bail them out, they may behave in a more risk-averse manner. Then you can begin to remove regulations that were intended to protect the taxpayers from having to bail them out.
In addition, he would push to strengthen the position of the individual against corporations by strengthening private property rights and make it more feasible for an individual property owner to stop a company that is, for example, polluting that individual's property.

Utilizing his supporters
What could be great about these videos is that he can do them with just him speaking and publish them. Then his supporters can take those speeches, slice/splice and edit them to include images/photographs, charts, graphs, clips from documentaries, etc. Kind of cloudsource the videography and you can end up with various videos that sell the same message like the "What if..." videos. Plus, having videos like this out there would give his supporters something to show people that claim he would make us less safe.
I think releasing a few of these type of videos would be a great new weapon to use to counter the standard attacks and criticisms that people who (sometimes intentionally) misunderstand his positions have against him and something new to win over those anti-Romney Republicans.

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