Friday, September 22, 2006

Gas prices going back up?

Gas prices have dropped by about a full buck in the last month or two. There's the theory that Bush dropped the price using his oil cartel connections in order to improve the GOP image prior to the November elections. The followup theory being that once the elections are over, prices will reinflate again. Even those that don't attribute the drop in prices to Bush's aspirations believe that they will rise again at the occurrence of a single hurricane or terrorist attack or incident in the Middle East. So I have a suggestion. Gas cards by the gallon.

The gas companies should start selling gas cards by the gallon instead of by the dollar. That way, people who believe that gas prices are going back up and even higher, will be able to buy gallons of gas at the current prices, thus saving themselves $$$ once it goes back up. The advantage to gas companies is that the longer gas prices stay low, the more they make. Obviously the gas cards would have an eventual expiration date as well. That way people can't horde away hundreds of gallons of gas for several years just waiting for it to go back up.

Either way, it gives those with the conspiratorial axe to grind with the price gouging gas companies, an opportunity to save money based on where they believe the prices will go.