Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Article Response #2

This article was basically nothing more than exactly what the title implied. Keep in mind that profiling does not mean automatic arrest. It's simply means that the threshold of "suspicious activity" is a little lower for individuals that match the profile. It doesn't mean automatic arrest, rounding up and communal internment. Personally I am against profiling. However, I'm also against it's opposite which is the dismissing of suspicious activity due to political correctness in an attempt to avoid the appearance of profiling. This is, I believe, what led to what happened at Ft. Hood. Very disconcerting signs were dismissed or ignored that, had people been willing to say, "Ok, we've got a male Muslim between the ages of 17 and 40 who's talking about retribution against America and has attempted to contact Al Qaeda. We need to watch him very, very closely." it may have helped avoid the death. Then, once he started giving away all of his furniture and possessions a day or so before the attack, action might have been taken to stop it. But when the fear of being accused of profiling, or worse racism, is present, then rational conclusions and actions get impeded.

Now that I think about it, what does the author think about Secretary Napolitano and the Dept of Homeland Security's warning regarding "rightwing extremists" and the need to be more aware of people that are "anti-government" or be passionate about issues like abortion, illegal immigration, taxes, gun control, etc?

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