Monday, October 05, 2009

You all know I'm ... how shall I put it, "politically minded" at times.  Well, I'm also against signing up for web newsletters. Most seem to either ...
  • constantly throw ads at me, 
  • send enormous articles at me 4-5 times a day, 
  • simply say nothing but teases of information, 
  • require me to click on a link to get any real information, or
  • all of the above.  
However, I'm a member of a web organization called whose newsletter does none of these things. I hope you'll be interested in what they are proposing as I am. 

I'm asking you to look into this because I'd like your help in compelling Congress to pass two specific pieces of legislation created by

The Read the Bills Act []
The One Subject at a Time Act []

These bills would do exactly what their names suggest . . .

The Read the Bills Act would require that every bill be posted online for 7 days, and more importantly, would require that every member of Congress read every word of every law (enforced by requiring them to sign affidavit) they want to impose on you, BEFORE they vote to enact it.

Congress is routinely ignorant of the laws they pass, but ignorance of the law is no excuse for us, and it shouldn't be allowed for Congress either.

Even when they do know the content of the bills before them, they pass unpopular laws by stuffing them as portion of a larger, more popular one. Would it surprise you to know that the Minimum Wage Increase in 2007 was put in as subsection of an Iraq war spending bill?  Or how about that the REAL ID Act, which requires a national ID card, was passed as a small amendment to the "Emergency, Supplemental Appropriations Act for Defense, the Global War on Terror, and Tsunami Relief?"

The One Subject at a Time Act would prohibit Congress from passing unpopular laws by combining them with popular but unrelated proposals. Every law would have to be voted on as a stand alone measure, and pass or fail on its own merits.

They require no membership fee and though I have donated no money to them yet, I am considering doing so. Their newsletter is also a great source of short (most are shorter than this email), but compelling and informative nuggets. You can sign up for it for free, without a membership by going here: and entering your email address.

Should you chose, you can sign up for a free membership with which will . . .
  • Allow you to promote these bills by sending letters to Congress -- all it takes is a few mouse-clicks and keyboard strokes
  • This can be done in one step and is much easier with Downsize DC than by visiting each Congressional website and posting separately
  • Keep you posted on what Congress is doing through an excellent email newsletter, the Downsizer-Dispatch
  • Enable you to pressure Congress on other issues
  • Make your pressure on Congress more effective by combining it with the efforts of thousands of others
You may not agree with all the stands Downsize DC takes, but unlike a political party or candidate, you can choose which Downsize DC campaigns you want to support.

I hope you'll join me in promoting the Read the Bills Act and the One Subject at a Time Act.

If you do decide to join me in this effort please drop me a line and let me know. 

Thanks for considering this,


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