Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Prediction: A Change of Tune

Just a prediction from your friendly neighborhood pre-professional prognosticator, but watch carefully over the next days, weeks, and months as a new tune is sung. From Obama himself to his staff to his press agents on down to just his supporters, you will begin to hear backpedaling, you will hear downplaying and lowering of all the hype, promises and expectations of Obama’s campaign.

Now that they have promised money, global peace, pies, unicorns and rainbows for every man, woman, and child in order to win the election, you will now hear them begin to speak of reality again. They will subtly start telling people not to expect “change” for awhile. They will imply that we should “hope” not for a new and brighter future, but just that things don’t get any worse.

Examples to be on the watch for:

“Let’s be realistic.”
“We have to be patient.”
“We can’t expect change overnight.”
“It will take time for his policies to effect things.”
“Things are so bad that it may be awhile before we see any improvement.” (This ‘bad’ will be blamed on Bush of course)

Not to mention Obama’s favorite history re-writing catchphrase:

“What I’ve said is …”

After losing even more seats in Congress, the best thing Republicans can take away from this election is that for once, Democrats won’t have someone else to blame and point the finger at when things go bad.


What am I saying, Bush’s legacy will live on for years and years in the form of insinuations and outright accusations.

So says the Great Swammi

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